Exceeding Event Expectations.

An exceptional experience everytime.


Thirt13n Management

We are a family working hard to exceed event expectations.
We believe that through positivity and determination, anything can be done. You name it. We imagine and then create!

We started out with techno events because we believe techno is underrated here in Lebanon and misunderstood.
Furthermore, we teamed up and started planning events including local DJs and rising talents.
Week after week, we understood more and more what the people wanted and we worked harder and harder to deliver!

We believe that there are no limits, not even the sky and what we put our minds to, we achieve.
We figured why limit ourselves to just techno? And that’s when we realized that it’s not just the techno community that we wanted to prosper, it’s the whole nightlife scene here in Lebanon!

We are always on the road looking for the best locations possible to serve you music lovers and dancers different views and vibes every time!

In the future more events will be coming, including other genres of music!
We just love to see happy people vibing with eachother through music and dance. It fills our heart with hope for this world.

Through music and dance we unite! We imagine, we create, and we serve! There are no limits, not even the sky!
Be the change you want to see.

With love,
Thirt13n Management family.



Top Events for this Year

The Unplanned Series

Unplanned Events – The Events that are unplanned , the ones who could be announced at the same day.


A Valentine Version of Techno Events.


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